Combo waterproofing system offers Waterproofing systems by new technology works to avoid all the problems and disadvantages in traditional System Combo waterproofing system is an integrated system comprising of waterproofing, thermal insulation and finishing for the roof. PU Foam system forms joint free waterproofing and thermal insulation is fully bonded to the roof slab.





Exterior Insulation and Finish Systems (EIFS) 

Exterior Insulation and Finish Systems (EIFS) are multi-layered exterior wall systems that are used on commercial buildings and homes. They provide superior energy efficiency and offer much greater design flexibility than other cladding products. Not only do EIFS come in limitless colors and a wide variety of textures, but they can also be fashioned into virtually any shape or design.
The optimum solution for any external wall thermal insulation is a seamless thermal insulation system – EIFS which has been applied for many years. Within EIFS, a thermal insulation material such as EPS-boards or Rockwool is fixed to the outside wall with a special adhesive mortar, then the surface is reinforced with a glass fiber mesh and finally coated with a decorative plaster.





Polyurea is a technology where an extremely tolerant and fast-setting coating is created by adjusting properties of two reactive components. Curing takes place within seconds rather than minutes. Due to its toughness and elasticity, it’s one of the most resisting coatings on the planet.

Suitable for industries and objects, such as:

  • Mining industry,Pools
  • Pipelines,Machines
  • Secondary containment
  • Transportation vehicles
  • Roofs,Concrete structures
  • Steel structures


Concrete floors should be protected against mechanical, chemical and UV-light impact. This is why Henkel Polybit recommends systems designed to meet the wide variety of parameters set by each and every construction. These systems always start with a primer as the primer together with the appropriate substrate preparation is the most important application step in each and every system. Depending on the kind of use, mechanical and chemical stress the designed systems also include a wear coat and different kinds of top coats.





Premium quality bolted steel modular circular tanks for safe, long lasting water storage. Available in high or low profile designs in sizes ranging from 13 to 10,000 Kilolitres.


  • Fire services
  • Potable water,Waste water
  • Industry,Process water
  • Power stations
  • Building services
  • Air conditioning,Mining
  • Community water supplies


Waterproofing is the combination of materials used to prevent water intrusion into the structural elements of a building or its finished spaces. Its main purpose is to resist hydrostatic pressure exerted by moisture in the liquid state. Waterproofing membranes consist of waterproof plastic, rubber, or coated-fabric materials. The materials are used in a system to prevent the ingress of water into foundations, roofs, walls, basements, buildings, and structures when properly installed. The term dampproofing is often confused with waterproofing, however, dampproofing is a system designed to resist the flow of moisture in a gaseous state i.e. water vapour.





Lightweight means concrete and mortar with a low density. Concrete incorporating either aggregates with a lower density or artificial voids are created to reduce the weight. The method used depends mainly on the lightweight materials available, the application and the desired concrete properties.


  • Lightweight construction (ceilings, walls, bridge decks, slabs)
  • Levelling concrete
  • Infill concretes
  • Thermal insulation


The Pile Head Treatment is the final working step of a successful piling and foundation system. Every pile has to be protected against chloride and sulphate attacks on the reinforcement caused by the soil and groundwater. It also has to assure that there will be no passage of water from the ground to the substructure. A proper designed system includes re-profiling, waterproofing and full encapsulation of the entire pile head to assure that each and every structure is based on a long lasting and safely built foundation.